I am tired. Of the noise, the rhythms and the music that takes me faster and further. Further from myself. I think that I am touching the stars, although I am falling, sick of being embraced by this life that is not mine.

Silence. The need for silence.

What is it?

I’m afraid of the calm, of the emptiness. Enemies Go away!!!! I want perfection, the absolute!!!

Who said that? Everyone says it and repeats it to infinity. To better keep me.

Who am I? Their prisoner. An impression, one that limits, breaks, destroys, separates. No!!!! I care too much for the illusion of my orderly and chaotic life. I am reassured to never exceed anything and to always cry because it is their fault!!

Easy laziness. Rest on your laurels and don’t change anything. Repeat the scenarios you know so well and take your flight in the dreams , slaves to your desires…

Stop!!!! Come back down. Come and touch the Earth. Caress her dark face and say goodbye to her once and for all. Stand back up and face your essence. Let your origin descend.

Every single time you breathe, her breath becomes your breath. Hear her murmur that gallops through your veins to transform into the most beautiful of songs, yours. The one and only. The one who calls you to create.

Under the flamboyance of this new ally and with a pale reflection, you become Love. Cleansed of all your emotions, all your wounds and all your battles, won and lost.

You are whole, with full presence to yourself, to the world.

And in your gaze, all the knowledge lit by the diamond of your eternity.

Traduit par Claudio.

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